I teach courses on organizational and economic sociology, sciences, expertise, and professions, technical courses on social network analysis and computational approaches in quantitative research, and supervised independent research projects. I work with the ideas that students develop more than received interpretations in my substantive seminars, and I have developed materials for technical classes that get students without prior experience started coding in R and Python and expand the skills of more advanced students.

Sciences Po


  • Expert Work in the Digital Age (Spring 2020; 2022)

  • Data Science gegen soziale Probleme (in German; Spring 2021; 2020)


  • Sociology of Organizations and Collective Action (required course; Fall 2021; 2022)

  • Data Science in Context (PSIA, Fall 2020; 2021)

  • Social Capital and Relational Capital (with Emmanuel Lazega, Fall 2020)

University of Mannheim


  • Introduction to the Sociology of Professions and Science (Spring 2019; Spring 2018; Spring 2017)

  • Introduction to Economic Sociology (Fall 2018; Spring 2018; Fall 2017; Fall 2016)

  • Empirical Research Practicum (Fall 2018)

  • Organizational Innovation (Spring 2016)

  • Hacking the Meso-Level (Computational Social Science Introduction; March 2014)


  • Python Programming for Social Sciences (February 2018)

  • Sociology of Professions and Science (Fall 2018; Fall 2016)

  • Topics in Economic Sociology (Spring 2017)

Columbia University


  • Organizing Innovation (Teaching assistant; instructor: David Stark)

  • Senior Thesis Seminar (Teaching assistant; instructor: Tom DiPrete)